Get On The Radio & Earn Royalties With WorldWide Radio Airplay


Submission Pack...

First 3 months

Month 1... Guaranteed Airplay On 1 Online Staion, Submission to 25 College Radio Stations 

Month 2... Guaranteed Airplay On 2 Online Staions, Submission to 100 College Radio Stations & Pandora

Month 3... Guaranteed Airplay on 5 Online Stations, Submission to 300 College Radio Stations, Sirius XM,


Why is this a Monthly Service?

The main reason is to keep the cost as low as possible. We want it affordable.

After each 3 mo service the billing stops & so will the promotion unless you renew

because the only way to get real Big Time Results is to keep everlastingly at it.

Think about it. What enables water to cut through rock? Persistance!

We constantly submit your music to the biggest outlets in our network.

Some outlets such as Pandora can take up to 18 months for a song to

go live in rotation. It takes a considerable amount of resources to constantly

submit & stay in contact with the Program Directors of all the Radio Stations.

We don't let them fall asleep at the wheel. These are targeted submissions

to ensure your music is being played to the right ears. For Only $29/ mo



What We Do

We are a team of professional brokers to Get  You On The Radio this week! Get Radio Airplay & Earn Royalties!!! Sign up FREE this week !!

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We own radio stations & are partnered with FM stations & the biggest Internet stations World Wide!

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Get On The Radio with World Wide Radio Airplay & Start Eaning Royalties